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Welcome to the design World of InfiniD - A Complete Archscape & Interior Design Studio provides 360 Degree of full design bouquet. We always make your uniqueness visible, choose designs that are very much you and let us inspire you. InfiniD is a boutique design firm dedicated to creating spaces that are as comfortable and are sophisticated as filled with ease as they are elegant. InfiniD is more than anything about thoughtfulness it evinces a finely tuned attention to form and proportion, function, flow materials, texture and detail. The goal with every project is to deliver a richly personal space expression of a client needs and dreams along with an experience of the design process that is both collaborative and rewarding, Our process begins with getting to know our clients through relaxed sessions of talking and looking so that we can develop an understanding of how through designing we can enrich the way they experience their daily lives. We are single window module for Servicing & Sourcing. The only company who have best designers & Architects from 7 different countries. Design work related to thematic Interiors with look & feel of different continents will be initiated by our group of International Designers (as per request). Elemental Exteriors with landscape designing, let's not bother about the space we can bring nature even in small area of 1 Sq. Ft.) Our approach & designs adds a new dimension to your space. Designs & delivery will increase our efficiency in the way we go about our daily lives and it adds depth, understanding and meaning to the built environment. In Arch-Interior projects we are generally concerned with taking existing structures and reforming them to suit new functions. Cosmetic changes & Arch-elements can add a great deal with regard to the previous life of a building. Thoughtful and well-crafted design makes a space easier to understand and experiencing such a space lift s the spirit, too.